Never fading away

Writing graffiti that will last forever

Freezing the moment
Impossible to erase and never fading away: ultimate graffiti writing that lasts forever. To make this shift from ephemeral to eternal, the boundaries of traditional graffiti writing had to be broken. The tactility, opacity and shine of ceramic glaze holds the same mesmerizing magic as wet paint and ink, while also offering a unique chance to preserve the powerful imagery of a freshly painted tag -forever.


Ceramic serenity

Under Pressure
Getting up means putting in the works. Long, late and lonely hours of working under pressure to get your name up as prolific as possible. Adrenaline and strain are often the only companions of a dedicated writer on a mission. Physical exhaustion, combined with a heart full of energy.

Translating a vision into a body of ceramic works teaches patience. Time and attention is key: the exact time to set when molding. Love and attention when finishing for bisque. The waiting time when glaze firing. Time and space feels lighter when working in the ateliers at Cor Unum, almost a zen like experience.