The aesthetic value of vandalism

The purest form of graffiti is just writing your name

Value versus vandalism
Street graffiti, tags, throw-ups, or bombing as the graffiti writers themselves call it. What we see depends mainly on what we look for. Is graffiti mere scribbling, writing or is it a work of art? Is the person who placed it a perpetrator or an artist? All we know is that the work was placed there without prior notice, without permission. Nobody was paid for it. Is it therefore worthless, or is there a greater artistic value to it? This thought-provoking juxtaposition will be explored within this project.

Graffiti research
Glazed Graffiti explores the aesthetic value of vandalism. A post-graffiti research project by SunkOne (Yuri van Poppel, 1975) aiming to eternize graffiti-writing by trespassing into a new artistic medium: ceramics and ceramic glazes. He teamed up with Cor Unum, a Dutch ceramic art centre founded in 1953. They build upon a long history of producing ceramics designed by leading international designers, architects and visual artists.


Trespassing into unknown territory
Repetition is a key factor for a graffiti writer's fame. Glazed Graffiti takes this repetition to the next level and into another artistic medium: ceramics. Working with ceramic glaze opens a new world of rhythm and layering. Playing with matte and gloss, opacity and interaction of various layered glazes leads to new patterns and unexpected fusing of form.

Custom engineered air-pressurized spray cans make it now possible to capture the vibrant energy of sprayed graffiti -for the first time in ceramic glaze.

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Raw energy and rudimentary lines

Vibrancy captured forever in glaze
Crossing over into a new artistic medium without losing what's so stunning about graffiti: the raw energy, and the rudimentary lines. With these air pressurized spray cans it's possible to move freely around ceramic objects and surfaces and capture the powerful visual language of graffiti writing in ceramic objects and murals.

Shiny drips and splatters
The tactility, opacity and shine of ceramic glaze hold the same mesmerizing magic as wet paint and ink, offering the unique chance to preserve the powerful imagery of a freshly painted tag forever.